Battling Traffic and Weather ~ Romancing Italy

Apr 16, 2009

Battling Traffic and Weather

We were away for five days and in that time the world turned green.Round blobs of light green plopped before darker green heads now dot the hill across from the house. Where it was once a barren and depressing brown has turned in a soothing, tone on tone play on this one color.

After the drive back from Calabria, it was most welcome. The traffic that jammed the highway above Florence going south bit us again below Florence, going north on our way back. Just look at the highway structure in Italy and you'll see why. The other option to the highway is to take the surface streets and greet every town along the way.

Somehow I think I would have preferred that to sitting stock still for long stretches of time on the highway.

You too would take pictures of everything just to be busy, pictures of nothing most of the time...but this was precious. Notice how the cars follow the lines.

What's to tell about the trip south? The weather followed us. On Sunday we went to Bivongi, one of the very, very old towns in the mountains, and were greeted with pounding rain and angry wind.

Naturally I didn't have an umbrella and hurried along the narrow alleys pulling my coat close around my neck. Only crazy stupid people walk around old towns on stormy nights daring roofing and what not to stay put.

A small metal door that covers an electric panel took flight and overtook me. I picked up speed just to get indoors and passed a plastic vase lodged against a staircase, broken from it's downward flight and never to be used again. A large dark lump lay in the street, leaves splayed to the side and plastered to the wet cobblestone, roots already emerging as its earthy home was lured away with each raindrop.

I knew A's Dad had a sense of humor when on my entrance he asked me "Did you get wet?"


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