April Showers...with Hail ~ Romancing Italy

Apr 16, 2009

April Showers...with Hail

Just when we were beginning to enjoy the new growth around here, Mother Nature declared that winter was not yet left behind.

Captured on the world's most boring video - the culprits, aka baby plant killers, at play!

Martin, if you read this...I am sooooo glad I didn't plant up my vegetable garden yet. I've been busy, lazy, out of town (every excuse under the sun) so fortunately I have nothing but my flowers to suffer. Somehow, that doesn't bother me as much.



  1. Hi Bev,
    As fate would have it your lack of haste saw you through. How lucky are you?

    Hailpril Showers?

    You can get in your starting blocks now then. lol

  2. Hi Martin,
    I'll get started right as soon as I get back from Greece. No really....it just sounds like an excuse. How are those beans coming along?


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