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Mar 4, 2009

Worth 1000 Words

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  1. wow! what an amazing sight?what kind of bird was it?

  2. In Australia we have bower birds that collect blue things to decorate their nests. The nest is very similar to that one..its called the bower.
    Hope all is well for you dear friend. Marilyn

  3. Hi Willa, This lucky bird is a pheasant, who was walking around right under our noses. Our noses means, all the people with their shotguns shooting the clay birds and drooling at this one.

  4. Hi Marilyn, thanks for stopping by again. All is well here if not a little wet. I imagine you are getting ready for autumn...just as we are wishing that spring will start soon...SOON.

  5. One summer we had a pheasant visit us around noon every day for two weeks. He stayed about an hour. I looked forward to his coming (we decided it was a "he" - taking a siesta in our yard) and was sad when he found another spot to rest. The photo is lovely!


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