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Mar 17, 2009

What's to see in Menton France? Basilique St. Michel

The City of Art and History

To celebrate A's birthday, we went to Menton, a French town just over the Italian border. The plan had been to go to Ventimiglia, but since the exit was closed, it forced us over the border and into Menton where we chose to stay.

This is one of the benefits of NOT making reservations beforehand. Freedom!

Parking was not that easy to find and when we did grab a spot, we were a little out of town, but it so happened that we had stopped in front of a hotel. Rather than waste time looking for other lodging, we checked in.

Even standing half hidden behind its concrete guardians the Basilique St. Michel commands your attention.

No one needs to beat this carpet.

It's that mottled wall treatment, the rough stone, the warmth of the wood and the caress of the color that, for me, never grows old.

A tourist trap, but I was happily caught.


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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Your picture of the basilica hidden behind those buildings is gorgeous.


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