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Mar 26, 2009

A taste of the wilder, earthy side of Italy

"Bev, BEV," A's voice is filled with excitement as he breezes in the front door.

"What is it?" I reply a little grumpily as I am distracted from creating another experiment called dinner and head toward the sound of cupboard doors and drawers being hastily slammed shut.

"I have to go." Odd words coming from a man who had just driven in the driveway only seconds before. The shotgun in his left hand and grin stretched across his face explained the rest.

Dinner would have to wait but thankfully, I had only put water to boil. "Buona fortuna," I called out as I headed back upstairs.

And so continued another cycle that I love about Italy; the wilder, more rustic, earthy life of the people here. That night two men lugged one large boar into the workroom and cleaned it.

The following night, dinner was again put on hold (already made, it chilled on the stove) as car after car rumbled into the courtyard to take a portion home with them. Before leaving, they filled our kitchen with their stories and laughter as the strong, red Negroamaro from Puglia made it's rounds.

In the quiet of the early morning, I hear the sound of water outside and the scratching of a broom against the tiled floor as the last of the night's activities is washed away. The tools and shed are put back into order and life hums on as before.

If life is just a series of cycles, then how wonderful when something you love comes around again. The spark in A's eyes will always be worth many a ruined dinner and more. And sharing has always been one of the best experiences in life.


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