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Mar 2, 2009

Shooting Clay Pigeons, Tiro a Volo, Carpignano Italy

I discovered that there is a shooting range not far from here, in Varallo and a place in Carpignano Sesia where you can test your hunting ability with clay pigeons. Tiro a Volo.

I went with three hunters and was glad for once I am a girl....there was no pressure to "perform".

The manager gave a brief explanation of the process. Each exit point was named after a bird or animal to describe the manner in which the target would fly or the merlot (blackbird) came from the left and low. The rabbit came from the right and bumped it's way on the rough terrain. The circuit became more challenging as it progressed beginning with a single flight per shooter and ending with three different "birds" in range one after the other.

The middle range, usually used for tournaments.

He stressed "Read the list on each microphone to know the order of entry" before walking away.

No one listened and by the end of the round it was like the three stooges on the platform shooting out of sequence, at anything that flew by.
R prepares to shoot. BAM, takes the bird out and relaxes.

M yells to him: "Shoot! To your right"

Too slow to react, R doesn't even move before M lifts his gun and takes a shot at the oncoming 'bird'. Dust falls to the ground.

A 'wounds' the third bird that caught him by surprise but both M and R never even saw.
Repeat this sequence for the next turn in almost the same way before all three look at each other with surprise, confusion and foot stamping laughter. I hear someone say "Well, he SAID to read the list before each shot. "

I wish I'd captured it on video.

R 'at bat' with A waiting his turn.

By midday, the wind had come up lifting the skirts of the net placed to protect I don't know what. We were in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday 2pm to sunset (March - October until 11pm)
Saturday 10am to sunset
Sunday and holidays 9am to sunset

10 hunting courses each one unique to the other.
Restaurant and catering available for lunch or dinner events.

Cell: 3388859188 Sig. Giovanni Tribolo
Fax: 0321-825541



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