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Mar 13, 2009

Road to Carcoforo (VC) Piemonte Italy

Winter hit hard this year, turning even the lower valleys into stretches of pure white. Imagine what it must be like in the mountains! A little trip and a few photos later show that while I may be enjoying springtime weather (hooray!) there are places that are still dressed in winter clothes.

We toodled along SS299 behind two very slow moving cars before we escaped at Balmuccia, taking the offshoot into the hills. Destination Carcoforo, at it's very end.

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Things that stick up and out from the surrounding area always catch my attention.

A better view of a rock climber's dream, The Rock of Boccioletto.

I almost missed the little village that was lost among the dramatic landscape, all the hues were so similar. I felt I was looking on a lost, ancient village.

Another village, taking its isolated life literally to the edge...

...all the way over there

And from where I took those photos, right at my feet, hiding below the road...

I'm lost and have no idea where I am because I didn't look at any signs along the road, my eyes drawn to other interesting places.

Carcoforo...(where a man stood at the parking lot and watched us for quite a while and made me nervous.) The place seemed deserted although people live here year-round.

Back on the 'ancient village theme" that looks like a snow lizard on the roof, who had the villagers for a winter meal.

Then the mysterious man approached us, asking if we had seen the notices along the road of avalanche danger. Park Ranger. We were not supposed to be there as the road was closed. Kindly get out.

On the way down, we searched for them...set on the side of the road, leaving the passage clear for anyone to drive by. Well done! Not one of them said "Closed".

We counted five avalanches that were now cleared from the road.

Snow heaven

Back to Rimasco where there is a great restaurant that serves wonderful seafood.



  1. Awesome view and you make lots of awesome shot too. Wish could visit this village. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hi Rudy, thanks for visiting. If you like villages in the middle of nowhere, you'd love this one. Great for hiking too.

    I visited your site and liked your entry for March 14, 2009...very inspirational. We should not let people or circumstance determine who we are or our behavior. Nice post. For the curious, go to:

  3. It looks quite cold and the terrain looks rough yet beautiful.

  4. Hello Lose Weight, rough terrain and a good hike, coupled with a good weight loss program (;-) is a good way to lose weight. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by.


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