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Mar 16, 2009

My Web Walk: About Venice and its Carnival

Venice is calling me. On a web walk, I came across two sites on the same subject. The Venice Carnival. I know it’s over for this year, but I am told, in order to have a place to stay in the area, especially smack dab in Venice, I need to reserve a year in advance…

…which means right about now.

When I read about Journeys and Adventures experience at the Venetian Masquerade – it made me reminisce about my visit to Venice a couple years back, and regret that I didn’t spend more time when I was there. So it makes sense to go again and experience this huge festival myself.

Earlier I commented on A View From Carmine Superior’s post Home and Hearth saying that I love long gowns, so having an excuse to wear an exquisite gown from a by-gone era would be truly living a fantasy. Naturally, I would not be going anywhere near roaring fires in human size hearths.

I found Victorian Times and her Etsy counterpart but seeing I am now over here, I can only dream of these gowns made in the States. I just might have to pull out the sewing machine and take a stab at it myself. (I can do it, I can do it).

I can’t forget the masks, as it’s very important if I am going to allow my alter ego some freedom. I like Carta Alta's New Baroque Oro mask as well as the mask shown above...the Sisi in red. (Photo from Carta Alta website.)

If you are going to do some living-room travel, take a walk on the wilder historical side…visit Venice and fall into a silk and satin world of Dangerous Beauty.


  1. Seems like you really love Venice.

    I love this phrase of yours Bev;
    "visit Venice and fall into a silk and satin world of Dangerous Beauty"

    Dangerous and Beauty are pretty exciting combination.

  2. Hi Ron, glad you stopped by. Fascinated and mesmerized is more like it. It's nice to have something like this in our life.

  3. Venice! Oh I would love to go to Venice. Perhaps read Jeanette Winterson's The Passion for an interesting view of Venice...


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