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Mar 19, 2009

Mummies in Italy: Torino, Milano, Bolzano

Photo from Museo Egizio

"Mummies Travel to Italy". One of the headlines yesterday at Martha's Italy Travel Blog caught my attention. I just had a fascinating read about how Pharaohs were prepared for burial and wrote an article about it.

These mummies will be 'vacationing' in Bolzano from March 10 to October 25 at the Otzi Museum, and buddying up with the Iceman. It's not exactly near where I live (I know, I know, distance is relative) but I am not planning on becoming a mummy groupie anytime soon.

When I visited Castello Sforzesco in Milan, I was so wrapped up in the architecture and the artistic detail around me that I failed to take the time to check out their museums. The underground level of the Ducal Courtyard contains an Archaeological Museum with an Egyptian section, complete with mummies.

And Museo Egizio, with one of the world's largest collections of all things Egyptian can be found in Torino, also here in Piemonte. (Photo from

Although this whole concept of mummifying bodies is fascinating, I am glad we don't practice this today (I don't think we do). And since I don't believe people have a consciousness after they die there is surely no sense in preserving the body.

Thinking of death is not an easy thing to do, but recently it has been on my mind a lot as a dear friend close to my age just lost her dad. This has made me think, and her insight, acute from her loss, has encouraged me to be more loving, forgiving and open to my family. All that there is in this life for us is here and now.


  1. I just don't feel comfortable with the thought of us practicing mummification today. That's just too scary for me I guess, aside from that, I am also thinking of health concerns brought by such practice.

  2. @Call Center Gal: No kidding. But they don't do this in this day and age, do they? There are some cultures out there that might....???


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