Living as a Trinidadian (via California) in Italy ~ Romancing Italy

Mar 28, 2009

Living as a Trinidadian (via California) in Italy

I've always been old. Growing up, I bonded with people who were more like grandparents. And those my age were few. People look at the islands mostly as a great vacation get-away or like Garry from The Barbados Blog, another way of life. I couldn't wait to get away.

As part of the World Blog Surf Day, read on about what Italy is to me and then travel to the next destination following the link at the end.

Age old Italy agrees with me; a living history book. What follows is part of what brought me to leave my footprints in this wonderful soil. Now, A is the reason I stay and these have become the icing.

I love the landscape

Whether it's the magnificent Alps, the Dolomites, or the raw dry wilderness of Calabria, there is a place for me, a 'sentiero' to walk. Valsesia bursts into life in the summer months and Lake Orta is a constant reminder of the picturesque charm that created fantasies in vacationer’s minds.

I love the lifestyle.

Family is an important element in Italian life and ties are surely bound at mealtime, breaking bread and sharing home-made wine. Smaller villages sometimes remain stubbornly untouched by a world insisting on moving faster and faster. It seems that it is possible for time to stand still, even for a moment.

I love village capped hills.

They are a testament of a time gone by and open for curious eyes to see. Narrow alleys and uneven staircases beg you to follow them…just to see where they go. Many times it leads to wooden doors, hanging on iron hinges in a creative surround fashioned by the hands of artisans dead for centuries.

I love the art and architecture.

It is a treat walking through secluded courtyards flanked by arched covered hallways that lead to stairwells that wind up to balconies that are covered ever so cleverly by giant half cupolas. Medieval Italy, The Renaissance, the Baroque period and onward have left their mark and it is breathtakingly magnificent. I can spend hours absorbed in the minute detail that has been spent on even the most obscure parts of a building. It is amazing.

And so is the color.

I love the language

Italian is romance in words. Sometimes the accent is more passionate, sometimes more seductive but it doesn’t matter what they say; it is music.

Olive oil, wine and … tomatoes.

Extra virgin Olive oil, something I paid for through the teeth in California, I can practically swim in here. Some of the sweetest tomatoes I’ve tasted came from Calabrian soil where I would eat it as it is meant to be....a fruit. If it were possible, Italy would sweat olive oil and bleed wine.

Building a new life

Each of us has an idea of how we want to build up our new life abroad. Every dream needs sustenance to materialize and grow. Follow Megan and learn of new ideas or resources that will help make life truly “la bella vita” at Career by Choice.



  1. Hi Bev!
    I came to your blog through the World Blog Surf Day. I like your love of Italy! I might be coming to Italy (Pisa) for a month or so in May to do part of my studies there. Can't wait to get to know if I'm accepted after seeing your pictures!

  2. luvely description of Italy.)
    I spent aroud 10 summers in Trento, Lagio de Caldonazo, lived 1 year in La Spezia, spent more time in Rome, Sienna and many other cities in Italy, and always when I'm back in Italy, I feel at home (will be in May in Milano)...'I'm made in Italy'.)

  3. Annmucc, I really hope you get accepted to study here. If you don't, as you know, there are cheap flights that will pop you over from England for a stay. It's so close you can easily do a weekend... and then keep coming back!!!

    Wishing you all the best. Keep me posted if you get accepted.

  4. Hey Bev...I definitely hope I am, and will keep you posted :) Yes, cheap flights to everywhere is one of the best things about London ;) I'll let you know when I know :)

  5. Hey Hans, Yes you are definitely made in Italy. What will bring you to Milan this May? Vacation? Missing the good food here?

  6. Hi Bev,
    I always enjoy reading your blog...and this post was great as part of World Blog Surf Day!

    I feel in love with Tuscanny when my husband and I visited there a couple of summers ago! Just such a lovely place...I wouldn't mind retiring there one day!

    I'm hoping that this comment will make it! Usually I'm on Firefox, but the captcha doesn't like it for some reason...hopefully it will like IE better!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  7. What a lovely, poetic post, it brought so many memories back from the time when I walked through Tuscany and Umbria some years ago. Thanks for that ;-)

  8. There is something quite special and unique about Italy and after reading your post it has certainly given me a renewed desire to return again sometime very soon.

  9. Bev, my wife is GM of a French company, and their yearly conference with GM's from all over the world ad their wifes (some husbands...) are welcome as well..))!
    The last time in Italy was 2002, when I had an accident in Milano..)

  10. Hi Bev

    Thank you for an excellent post. Your photos certainly showed the beauty of Italy. I like the fact that time seems to stand still in many places in Italy, especially on the small islands.

    Best wishes,


  11. What a beautiful country! We loved Italy when we were there a few years ago and hope to visit again soon. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  12. Hi Bev,

    I have just disocvered your blog thanks to Golden Prague. the live style in Italy is great and you have just comfirmed it. I have family there (Itlaians) and they won't consider the lure of the UK and money, life is too good.

    I have added you on my blogrol as a result of my readin your blog.
    Chiao for Niao (We say chiao in Bulagria as well)

  13. Hi Sher, I think you saw one of the best areas of Italy at one of the best times. Tuscany in summer...ahhh....:-)

    Hi Golden Prague, so glad it brought back wonderful memories. It's nice to relive them from time to time.

  14. Hi Garry, I think Italy becomes a part of you when you visit...and then at some point you feel you have to go back. Hmm, did you by any chance toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome?

  15. Hi Hans,
    Well, it's nice to get to travel for business, but not be the one working. And the accident? Traffic? I'm sure it made your visit, um, 'memorable'.

  16. Hi Roz, I think even MORE so on small islands. And especially when the ferry is very, very late.

    And hello to "Just a Plane Ride Away", you have absolutely no excuse for not re-visiting Italy. You are, ahem, just a plane ride away...and a short one at that. :-)

  17. Hi Martin, I am so pleased to get to know you. I'm very glad I've come across your blog as well; your story is very interesting to me.

  18. I always love reading your blog :)

  19. Hey there,
    What a great homage to Italy! I have yet to go... I will, definitely, one day. The closest I've been is Lugano in Switzerland, and I already fell in love with the Italian-ness of the place!

    Sorry I'm a bit late officially commenting on the World Blog Surf Day posts, my head's been wrapped up in clouds or something, LoL :p


  20. Bollandi, you made me smile. Thank you!

    And *Lynne* you really are never late when 'traveling'. :-)


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