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Mar 6, 2009

Italy's Old Railway Homes - Borgosesia (NO)

They are like ghost houses overlooking the road from Borgosesia to Grignasco and for a "home fixer" my curiosity was aroused. Why are they left there in such disrepair? Why doesn't the owner do something for them, even if they are so close to the railway tracks.

Once upon a long time ago, the windows were dressed in pretty curtains, there were sounds of laughter, clinking of dishes, and crackling fires. At night, the cheery lights burned privately inside, snuffed from the outside view by tightly closed shutters. Everything left unbolted trembled with the passage of each train and life had the rhythm of the railroad.

From what I am told, some workers for the Italian railroad were provided with a home along the tracks, where the tracks were to be changed manually at different times of the day and in the cities itself. A house conveniently located close to the junction made it a breeze to perform the necessary tasks.

Times change and the need for this position evaporated. However, the house continued to collect memories within its walls up until the last owner died, or chose to live elsewhere. New laws determined it illegal to live within a certain distance of the tracks making it useless for anyone to sell the property.

Those few who do live in a home like this, are grandfathered in. It's only a roof over their heads with reason only for repairs, nothing more.

Now, what was once little hubs of life are only remnants of history and testaments to the passage of time.

For the longest time I thought this house was also empty as it is so run-down and disorderly. But it is on the last leg of life, along with it's occupant, a very white haired old man. Someone is taking an interest though as some pretty white curtains, edged with lace appeared one day in the lower window.


  1. That's a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Roz, Thanks for stopping by. I see you live in another fascinating country. I love the little bits of history that I see around town.


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