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Mar 20, 2009

Italia on the Road with Motocard

With springtime comes motorbike weather and Italy is a fantastic place for bikes with all those narrow, windy backroads and sheep that block traffic.

I am itching to take a road trip. If my friends remember, I wanted to do this when I was in California with my Suzuki Savage...pack my tent, bag and other necessary stuff behind me and hit the road. Sadly, this never happened and the urge is still with me. My still very blue baby will have to do the trick.

This is the year to do it - I know it. And it helps to run across a handy card that takes a bite out of the expense. Motocard offers discounts on lodging, camping, new tires, ferries, restaurants and rentals.

RENTALS! Did you hear me Valerie? There is a list of places across Italy that rent bikes.

The card is usually 30euro for the period of one year, good for two people. It's offered for 10 euro for Facebook users.

If you travel on the wing like my friend Valerie, looking for certain hotels that offer Motocard discounts may not be appealing. But Ferry discounts certainly are (as I think a ride is Sicily is a must). And of course, there is Sardegna and lots of other little islands to play on.

Offers on insurance is also a plus and if you want a nudge in a certain direction, there are suggested itineraries in the map "Italia on the Road" that you will get along with your card.

You can sign-up online or at motorclub affiliates (but probably for Italians/Europeans). There is a list of affiliates on the Motocard website.

You have to love their motto: 4 wheels moves the body....2, the soul.
So true.

I'm waiting for you Valerie....come ride with us.


  1. Nice review. This offer is really nice and tempting. I think, when I go there, I must visit the place.


  2. I Did some road trips in Italy, and Eco tourism is a wonderful experience..)
    But can Italians drive? Yes, as long as they are out of the city..)
    Dutch, born in Italy
    And living in Turca.)

  3. Hello Tnomeralc, thanks for stopping by. I'm grateful for any price break. Travelling gets expensive when you are on the go.

    Hi Hans, Yes Yes Yes you are right...Italians can drive when OUT of the city and seemingly according to their own unspoken code...A sight to see.

  4. i have seen italy in a lot of movies. it is really a cool place in biking because of its non busy road and trees along the side. by the way i'm from far away philippines.


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