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Mar 4, 2009

Hunting's Lighter Side

One of the things I like about Italy and particularly this area, is that there are so many hunters, not only for sport, but really, to put meat on the table. A wild boar many times gets spread across many families and in exchange for some boar, perhaps another family will give a rabbit or bird.

Die hard hunters have all the gear for their game and A, who particularly takes an interest in hunting birds such as pheasant and duck, has the appropriate "calls".

This morning he came running in with a grin spread across his face and he rummaged in one of the drawers until he pulled out a little black box. He was mumbling something about our neighbor Giovanni, out hunting for game that just doesn't exist.

Then he proceeded to place the box on the sill and pressed a button. Behold, there was a wild pheasant sitting on our window, and it sang every time he pushed that little button. The box was squirreled away, sure to be part of another performance later today....tomorrow and ...

I think poor Giovanni is going to be going on a wild "goose" chase.


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