Friday Morning Observations ~ Romancing Italy

Mar 20, 2009

Friday Morning Observations

At seven this morning, my sleepy eyes gazed out on a grey, cloudy morning. Unbelievable after the warm, sunny day yesterday. I stared hard at the courtyard trying to absorb the fact that it really was wet. Perhaps A had watered the yard, and sprayed the entire courtyard? And in a crazy fit, watered down the road as well....

At 8:30am, I was sneaking around like a thief in my own living room. Outside, the repetitious song of a codirosso (if only I knew what the equivalent bird is in English) drew my attention away from my surfing, to my camera, halfway across the room and past two glass doors. On a sunny morning, the outside reflection gives me freedom to walk around AND enjoy the birds on the balcony. On a gloomy day, just blinking sets them a flutter.

At 9:30am and one good conversation and awful coffee later, I notice the sun is winning the struggle against the cottonwool clouds and there is promise of another fine day. Except it's easier to stay inside and clean when there is absolutlely no reason to be outside.

At 10:00, I still haven't budged from my computer but have one little gem that I discovered in my surfing. This post is chit chat for my friends...the next one for my friends who love MOTORBIKES!


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