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Mar 31, 2009

Ecomuseum: The Wine Press of Agarla, Breia Piemonte

History, especially in Italy intrigues me. The Torchio of Agarla, an old wine or cider press in a small comune of Breia Piemonte, is an old building that houses two old presses and a grindstone. Because machines of this sort were used ages ago to make wine (that I love to drink), my curiosity was aroused and I went to visit.

Looking, touching and letting my imagination run a little wild, allows me to take a walk in time. In old castles, courtyards that now only feel the footsteps of tourists, become once again filled in my mind's eye with velvet, satin and lace clad damsels and gallant soldiers on fiesty steeds, ready to serve queen, country and the women of their heart.

Hmm, I digress.

The attraction of the Torchio di Agarla was to take a step back in time, to see and feel a little about how local Italians lived way back when. And to get a better understanding of what makes this region the way it is today.

One thing is for certain, wine-makers of today sure have it easy now.



  1. Off topic:
    Greece is beautiful end April/May; around 25 degrees...
    In July-August to hot: 35-40..
    was in Athens and Thessalonica last year the first two weeks of April...and it was beautiful...and nice temp!

  2. I'm sure some of these antique devices are still in use in places. a work of art as well as being practical.


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