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Mar 5, 2009

Don't Do Hotels in Italy, Rent an Apartment, Cottage or Villa.

Hotels or Apartments? That is the question. We are so used to the convenience of a hotel, especially if we are traveling on the wing. But there is something special about renting a villa, a cottage, or a cozy apartment...ESPECIALLY in a place like Italy.

I ran across an interesting posting at Good Life Review on this very topic. Check out their point of view on Hotels are for Suckers... Aside from the economic and privacy factors, I'll add one more thing. Staying at a home and opening the front door with your own key, walking in with your groceries with the regions' typical foods, gives the impression that you live in that part of the world, and belong there if only for the length of your vacation. I like that feeling.

For example, this particular gem can be found just outside of Montepulciano...

and should bring back memories for my friend Anne who came to see Italy with me. Where would you find a lovely spacious sitting room like this one at a hotel...

...with doors that open onto a large balcony...

...with a fully equipped kitchen

...and lots of room to relax.

It so happens that Anne and I were fortunate to find this place while we were on the road. So advance reservations are not always necessary if you are traveling out of season (this was November) or if you are traveling out of the tourist areas (Montepulciano does not qualify for an out of tourist area). There is an ambience that can't be beat, nor can you find at a hotel.

Contact Pina or Andrea (click here for Italian eye candy)
La Casetta

Via di Torrita n 1

Montepulciano ( siena ) - Italy

Telefono + 39 0578 716277
Fax +39 0578 716277
Cell. +39 339 37.25.762


  1. This looks like a very nice place, and you seem to have had a good time. Montepulciano is on my list of places to see in Italy, so La Cassetta might be seeing the kids from Carmine soon! Thanks for the info.

  2. this exactly what I did sometimes, renting through ecotourism an appartment. several times in a small place close to Siena.

  3. Hi Bev, its me Ron.

    Just found your blog and luckilly this post. Thanks for this Bev.


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