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Feb 23, 2009

San Remo Festival 2009 Winners

The winners from Saturday night's Festival Finale are as follows:
  • Marco Carta takes the prize with his new song "La Forza Mia" - My Strength. Listen here.
  • Povia came in second with "Luca era Gay" - Luca was Gay. Listen here.
  • Sal da Vinci followed up in third with "Non Riesco a Farti Innamorare" - I Can't Make you Fall in Love. Listen here.
Winner of the "new arrivals"
  • Arisa with "Sincerita'". Listen here.

Why is all this so fascinating to me?

I love music and the performances with the live orchestra (even though I was watching TV) brought back memories of San Francisco.

And mostly because I heard that a radio personality had made a bet on the outcome of the Festival and I wanted to know the result.

The bet for this radio personality (Militello) involves standing out on an early February morning in front of the the Milan radio station for the transmission of his show if a certain singer managed to win.

Dress code? Only his boxer shorts.

Is he a man of his word? Because if he is, he has to be freezing his a** off this morning.

I hope someone takes a video but my guess is this dog was all bark and no bite.


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