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Feb 23, 2009

Ristorante Lo Scoglio, Prato Sesia Novara

A Prato Sesia Restaurant known for its seafood dishes. NOT to be confused with Lo Scoglio on the Amalfi Coast.

This is a very casual restaurant and very reasonably priced so I guess for that very reason it is not surprising to find it filled with teenagers, especially on the weekend. It is definitely family oriented and tends to be on the noisy side. We went here once when it was the end of the school year. The only other place where I saw so many teens at once was...at school.

There is plenty of parking on the premises, but I've seen even that space eaten up with cars (on Valentine's Day. So much for a crisis...five restaurants were full, many for all the usual dinner shifts.)

As with a casual restaurant, the service is also casual. Seafood doesn't appeal to me as much as a nice piece of meat and I don't usually order the pasta which is one of the "prima piatti", fish and meat falling into the "secondi piatti". Without thinking, we gave our order for two appetizers, a pasta dish for A and a seafood mix for me. Both were quick and we were hungry? Without question, the waitress, (actually the owner's wife, scribbled the order on her pad and deposited it with the cook.

Sharing is very romantic...
Hungry or not, A could not finish his seafood appetizer. It tasted old. I had cuts of cold meat and he ate off some of mine.

Then surprise...A's dish arrived after a short wait. I encouraged him to eat and he slowly munched away expecting mine to arrive soon so we'd eat together. I stole a few bits of what my starving tummy considered the "best pasta ever"....and waited.

Tradition rules
It only dawned upon us as they came to take the empty plate away, that they were following the tradition of the meal and it was probably only then....at 10:45pm (!!!)...that they were tossing my little seafood mix into the fryer. At every restaurant, when we order a first and a second dish, it is understood that we want to eat it at the same time and the meal arrives together. Not here....

And who, on a special evening would not want to eat their meal at the same time?

The end
There are times when other emotions overtake even the sensation of hunger - disbelief, disappointment and fatigue set in all at once. With eyes suddenly heavy and threatening to flap permanently shut, I looked at A and said I'd rather head home.

I'd say fortunately, my food found its way to the check out in a take out dish (they saw us leaving) but unfortunately, fried seafood is best eaten hot off the cooker.

Maybe they are really fantastic at making pizza? We won't know because we aren't planning on going back.

Ristorante Lo Scoglio
Viale Don Minzoni 1, 28077 PRATO SESIA (NO)
Tel. 0163850581


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