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Feb 12, 2009

More New Laws in Italy? Let me count the ways....

Italy has laws for WHAT? There are some towns that want to prohibit some activities that are perfectly natural the world over.

The other day, the news on TV mentioned the many laws that are mushrooming in Italy since Berlusconi came back into power. They showed the article written by “The Independent World” that covered this phenomenon and I had to read it for myself because I wasn’t sure I heard right. Tourists need to beware in case they unknowingly do something that merits a fine, like letting their children build sandcastles on the beach.

Yes you read that right.

But what you can do on one beach, you can get fined on another; you just have to know which ones. So remember to check that out the next time you are planning your vacation. Do guidebooks mention this tidbit now, I wonder?

Read the article here; it’s real, but nevertheless entertaining.

Don’t let a little law scare you away from making plans to visit this amazing and beautiful country. And, hey, if you DO get a ticket, surely it will only make your vacation all the more “memorable”.

And just like many laws…let me attach something unrelated at the end…

I haven’t been online lately…one thing after another. I appreciate that so many of you have kept coming to visit even though I’ve not kept up blogging.

A’s mom was over for a visit, not just a social visit, but because A’s brother decided to smoke a hole in his lung and was in the hospital. She was here for a week and a half but before that, I was in California for a long visit.

In Italy, I frequently run across people who do not have computers at home, far less internet service. They don’t miss it or feel the need to come into the 21st century and yes, I am horrified, lost without this service. My family falls in the minority in the States, where they still have “DIAL-UP” service in their home. Again, I am horrified. If I thought I went back in time when I came to Italy, I feel the same when I go my family for a visit.

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