Getting the rusty wheels turning again ~ Romancing Italy

Feb 19, 2009

Getting the rusty wheels turning again

It's been a busy week and I again haven't taken time to write. I think there is a wall in my head that prevents thoughts from properly developing and that means nothing comes from my fingers.

I feel like one of those old fashioned cameras that take photos, but since you can't see anything yet, you have no idea of what those lens have seen. This will be my "dark room" where I'll get to develop the things I've seen with these "4 lenses" and go from there. The words that are underlined will be linked later when those thoughts mushroom into their own story.

  • The second week of carnival came and went. There were so many people in the square it was impossible to find a spot to park just to buy bread. I hope all those people bought a loaf or two.
  • A bright and sunny Sunday drew skiers from all over to the snow laden slopes here in the Alps and also at the other popular resorts in the north. By Sunday evening, at least 70 people (from Madonna di Campiglio resort) went home with a ticket for reckless skiing. Heavy drinking or taking drugs before descending were big no-no's, the later being blamed mostly on tourists "not knowing better" about the no-drug laws in Italy. Is that ever allowed anywhere? And there were the law-breakers who ignored the "Danger" signs and still took off on their own "off pista" adventures.
  • We were in Milan for a hospital visit for A. Just a little concern for his heart prompted a string of visits and exposed me to an interesting waiting room experience.
  • A is fine and wanted to use this good news as a reason for us to go to my least favorite restaurant, In Claudio...where they must be the only restaurant to serve this particular pasta that he adores. We went, of course. Fortunately, being a Tuesday, it was practically empty, so it came as no surprise that they seated us right next to everyone else. It's like when animals are being herded into one section of their pen to be fed.
  • The temperature, perhaps depressed about the way humans and Mother Nature are seemingly at odds, refuses to rise beyond 5 degrees C on most days. The sun is having his say today so there is hope for a warmer day.
  • I will be watching the mercury with interest as I want to go outside and move some logs that A chopped for next years wood pile. I decided this was a good way to get some exercise and it gives good time for our two dogs to romp at length. I've been planning to do this for two days now....
  • Because the weather is so haphazard these days, places like Calabria and Sicily in the south and even Sardegna, have been "blessed" with several feet of snow. Before that, the rain soaked soil gave up it's hold on one of the many Calabrian slopes and slid onto highways creating all kinds of chaos.
  • My little baby blue motorbike has been resuscitated and she has a huge smile that stretches across both wheels. I have all my leathers here now so you'd think I'd be ready for a ride even in these temps. I'm going to blame A for being the wimp...
  • Valentines...oh Valentines. Despite the crisis that makes its way to front pages of just about every newspaper in Italy (and perhaps everywhere) restaurants were filled to the brink. We know this because we were the idiots who didn't make a reservation for dinner, romantic or otherwise. Il Torre apologized profusely and as consolation, informed us that there was a table available at 9:30pm. Pepe was full, so was the Argentinian restaurant (I forget the name right now) La Trattoria sotto il Castello also was bursting at the seams...etc, etc. We visited 6 restaurants before ending up waiting at Lo Scoglio. They hung a carrot in front of our hungry noses saying "five minutes" at every 10. We were finally seated a little after 9:30pm and images of the beautiful Il Torre jumped to the forefront of my mind.
  • Perhaps this technology has already hit places like Rome and Milan, I don't know. But here in Borgosesia they are now advertising something similar to TIVO, where you can pause your movie to go pee, eat, have sex, whatever. It's part of the service SKY. It's at times like this, as a gadget loving person, that I really miss the States with all its advancements and conveniences. And then I remember, I gave it up because I wanted a simple life.


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