Carta Vince Militello Piange (Carta Wins Militello Cries) ~ Romancing Italy

Feb 28, 2009

Carta Vince Militello Piange (Carta Wins Militello Cries)

The proof is in the video. Found right on the radio's website. Follow this link.

Just in case you don't speak italian, here is a summary of the video which of course somewhat kills its comic nature:

Photo credit: C. Mangiarotti @

Militello in trash can: He explains that he lost a bet with Radio 101 and he is there to fulfill his part of the bargain. (He was to be in his boxers but it much more appropriate that is covered in toilet paper or "carta" in italian and guess what...the name of the San Remo winner).

He carries a poster of Marco Carta on his back through a crowd of jeering people (dare I say much like Jesus carrying a cross on his back)

...passes the "down with Militello" signs that in essense rub his nose in his supposed humility and passes his traitorous friend (the man in black) who all too happily passed on Militello's words and thus was born this video.

...escapes the crowd but is startled by the very poster he had been carrying on his back, ominously waiting for him inside the gate. His final act of penance is to write the words "Carta ti amo" (Carta I love you).

He begs to not have to right that, trying to tone it down with other nice words, but is compelled to write it as dictated. He begins begrudingly "Carta I ha (then crosses it out) love you" before crumbling to the ground under the sheer pressure of the effort.

It's a great thing to have a sense of humor.


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