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Feb 9, 2009

Carnivale in Borgosesia, (VC) Italy

The most well-known Carnivale event takes place in Venice this month. However, the rest of Italy also celebrates this fun time with their own parties. Here in Borgosesia, the weekend has been reserved for masks and costumes...not just one weekend, but three. This past weekend bands and groups decked out in their matching costumes marched through the streets toward the square where a couple spontaneously sprang into dance. The music? American 60's band music and the jitterbug.

Next weekend, the 13th and 14th bring on another round of costumes...and then again on the 22nd. I particularly enjoyed the costume of the owner of the Gran Bretagne bar...who was dressed very credibly as Snow White. Even the bar was "dressed" with a huge white bow tie a decoration that I also noticed in many other bars.

Interestingly, most people wear the same type of costume in black and white, with top hat, tailcoat, bow tie and cape. This traditional costume goes way back to the early 18th century where the last evening of Carnival is celebrated with a funeral procession. These days, instead of ending up at a cemetery, these somberly but smartly clad folk end up patronizing every bar that is open along the procession.

That easily explains the bow tie'd bars.

Follow this link for information on the interesting events that take place during the week of February 13 through February 24, 2009. One day I will make it to Venice to experience their Carnivale.


  1. Aren't you lucky! Three times carnevale! This year I'm promising myself I won't only do children's day but I will go to the Saturday procession proper. The scuola materna is getting all the children up as characters from 'Barbapappa', which has my 4-year-old son completely mystified...we have no tv!

  2. thanks for the visit and for the sweet comment on my blog. i envy you for living in such a place like Italy, I wish to visit the place at least before I die. :)


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