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Jan 3, 2009

What is fulfillment to you?

There are people in this world who through the way they live, manage to inspire others. By the way they think, the choices they make, the things they do, the words they choose, they seem to live a life burning with a greater intensity, a brighter light.

What am I trying to say? I think it is that I had a glimpse of another way of living that is fulfilling in itself. I mean, I have pursued a full and enjoyable life by doing the things I love and I am fulfilled. I think many of us follow the same pattern, looking to make dreams come true and working toward these goals and it brings us the joy or contentment that we are looking for.

Others find the enjoyment, the fulfillment, the satisfaction in life not in the pursuit of things, but in themselves. Their energies are concentrated in the way they conduct themselves and live their lives, the way they believe and their convictions. They have a natural strength and a peace that is more valuable than any satisfaction that is derived from a personal pleasure.

Lives are certainly brightened by being around those who enjoy life immensely. Lives are illuminated when we are around those who are so in tune with themselves, they LIVE.

It isn't impossible to have a combination of the two, but if there was to be one, I believe the value of peace is far higher than that of pleasure.


  1. Yes, the value of peace is greater than the value of pleasure. Wise words, Bev.

  2. A wonderful post and I love your blog. I will definitely be back to read more :-)

  3. Thanks Louise, If it were not for a friend of mine who lives as such, I would probably have not had the mental pebbles nudged. He was truly an inspiration.

  4. Hello Dori, Welcome! I am glad you stopped by. Thanks for your compliment; it makes writing all that more a pleasure.


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