Making more choices ~ Romancing Italy

Jan 17, 2009

Making more choices

"The environment you fashion out of your thoughts,
your beliefs, your ideals, your philosophy is
the only climate you will ever live in."
Dr. Stephen Covey

I am still in California and impatiently waiting for the day I fly back. Being here has been a mix of all kinds of emotion. I am so used to the convenience that living in America offers, but I miss the lifestyle, the people, the countryside in Italy so one minute I'll be absorbing what is California and then the next I'll long for Italy.

When A came to visit, I again experienced my favorite places in fresh new way as I was sharing them with someone I love. It seemed my attachment for this state only grew stronger as I saw that he too loved it.

I have been making plans to move my things to Italy, not exactly an easy or cheap thing to do and I am surely going to leave a number of items back. The hard part is deciding which special things get to go and which ones will be left. I feel torn in many ways, not just in the love of these two countries, but in the separation of the things I value and treasure.

I struggle with the thought that things are things and more often than not, replaceable. It's the memories associated with them that I can not seem to leave behind and I want to surround myself with these items that awaken sleeping recollections or that represent me in some way.

Then I ran across the quotation above. It brings to mind that all the external things will never give me the peace of mind or serenity I look for in life. That will always have to come from within, no matter which country I live in, no matter what things I have near me, no matter who I am with. Once I know what I believe in, who I am, what is important in life, the rest should begin falling into place.



  1. It is most important thing to know who you are and what do you want to do for yourself!!!
    "Va' dove ti porta il cuore"
    Rengin, in Istanbul

  2. We had to get rid of tons of stuff before moving to Australia and, to my surprise, it was very liberating to get rid of so many things that I was hanging onto...for what? Of course, I kept some things of sentimental value and some things that are precious to me. All the clutter? I don't miss it at all.

    Good luck with sorting through everything and deciding what to take with you - I know that it's not easy but your quote is correct - those things are more important.


  3. Hello Rengin,
    Well said...and I am certainly going where my heart is taking me. It seems much easier for me to follow and not my things :-) i think this might really be a good thing.

  4. hi Roz,
    Thanks for your comment. Being without a lot of stuff is liberating, I agree. Although I am still at the stage where it's like peeling off the bandage. I did make my final choices and yes, it is all sentimental stuff that will follow me over.

  5. Hi Bev, your life just sounds so exciting. Italy seems such a vibrant country, you are very strong in your conviction to expand your lifes journey and your mental growth and of course there is a tendency to take some of the past with you (your security blanket). I wish you all the best with your venture and adventure. Marilyn

  6. Thx for your Good information.keep blogging,so i can read your aticle again
    nice photo :D

  7. Hi Kam,
    Forgive me for shortening your name! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments. I am glad you like the photo as well as the blog. The photo was taken at Lone Cypress Point on the Monterey Peninsula in California when I was on vacation.


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