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Dec 31, 2008

New Year Experience in Italy

I won’t have the pleasure of ringing in the New Year in fine Italian style this year as I am enjoying it, rather quietly, with my family in California. And missing A, I am thinking of the past New Year's we spent together.

On New Year’s Day, I am sure if I don’t pick up a good movie, I will get roped into watching yet another parade. Who thought this up anyway? Why do Americans celebrate just about everything with a parade and floats? I am not one for crowds…don’t enjoy being in them and surely don’t care to watch them. My mom on the other hand….

Having said that I don’t care for crowds, I have to admit that I was very willing to squeeze my way into the very thick of things in Italy last year AND the year before, when I wanted to have the New Year’s Eve experience, Italian style.

Where California restricts the purchase and use of fireworks, it appears to grow on trees in Italy and even little ones have some kind of sparkler in hand. Which translates into … RUN!

Heavily packed squares would suddenly surge and part like the Red Sea as someone would set off a firecracker – smack in the thick of things. Since that was so much fun, they would grin and then do it again.

I saw yet another responsible citizen prepare to set off his fireworks. This time those close by were duly warned and they stepped back, waiting for it to shoot up and break into its glorious and colorful beauty.

It never looked better as it speedily whizzed horizontally through the surprised crowd, briefly lighting up eyes and mouths that were testing the limits of their extension. Miraculously no one got hurt.

And close to midnight, church bells tolled and corks popped off the bottles that were brought to the piazza. Fizzy fluid filled up tall champagne glasses and loved ones were pulled near, waiting expectantly for the final note when kisses would be planted, and toasts made filled with hope for the New Year.

In the gloom that 2008 has managed to spread over us all over the world, we need to have these magical minutes where for the moment we can believe and hope for a better future. So just a little early for some, depending on where you are in the world…Here’s to having good things in 2009.

Buon Anno!!!!!



  1. Happy New Year Bev.... may 2009 bring new and wonderful things to us all :)

  2. Yes, Diana, I think "new and wonderful" would be very welcome in the coming year.

    Wishing you the very, very best.


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