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Dec 25, 2008

Multiple benefits of giving

I can thank my mother for being a procrastinator. When I was a kid I used to do everything "NOW" but some things were limited by my mother's permission. She'd say "later, honey" and later would never come. It took years for me to realize it was just another grown up way of saying "no".

So now I am maimed for life and it's Christmas eve and I am only now thinking of her gift that I am yet to wrap. I snuck it in when mom was still sleeping this morning but before I could wrap it, she was up and running.

Then while I occupied myself re-arranging the sewing room, where I burrow when I come to visit, she decided to settle into my bed where she could comfortably bark out orders. She's a pro at this... "Put that on the table, turn it on it's side, move this, move that" and suddenly my project was no longer mine. My good nature was starting to take a sour turn.

But more importantly, I was afraid she'd discover her unwrapped gift hiding among my things and the surprise would be spoilt. At one point I even moved it right under her nose, hidden behind a large picture. Not wanting to risk it again, I rather unceremoniously told her I needed her to leave with all sorts of reasons tumbling out that sounded stupid if not selfish. I suppose "So you won't see your gift" would have worked the best but .... well, you understand.

My mom and I are like night and day and it has only taken a lifetime to learn how to understand and be understood. The thing is, I derive an incredible pleasure from surprising my mom with something she wants but doesn't expect. I learn about these things in everyday conversation and then when she least expects's in front of her. Her eyes light up, her smile reaches from lobe to lobe and our differences can take a back seat for the moment.

I'd say that is definitely one benefit I like about giving.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you enjoy all that you get, and get even more from all you give.


  1. Hey Bev, a brief whisper here. Glad you were able to make your way back here to the Bay Area for a family function (remember the retold joke about not confusing this with other bodily functions? ... I think it may be an Ambrose Bierce quote). Happy Holidays and congrats on keeping romance alive in Italy! Greg L.

  2. Hi Bev. Nice blog. Keep inform us about Italy especially on New year.Advance Happy New Year. Best Wishes to you. Regards, Vista.
    PS: Am add you to my Xc Link. Would you? inform me. Thanks.

  3. I also experienced the same dilemma with my mom because she loves to raid my room most of the time. But what I did is to keep my gift in the office instead. Problem solved! :)

  4. Thanks Vista. I wish I could give you an update from a personal perspective on New Years in Italy, but this year I am back in the States for the holidays. Wishing you a fantastic New Year celebration and all the best for 2009

  5. Call Center Gal, I wonder if this is a "mother" thing...I know she thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with this little invasion of my privacy. I still can't get myself to say anything to her. I'll take your lead and just leave things that need to be hidden...elsewhere.


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