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Dec 3, 2008

Levano, Lago Maggiore, Italy

Our last motorcycle trip took us to Levano on the shores of Lago Maggiore. I donned my regular motorcycle pants and jacket and seeing the sun washing everything into paleness, I added a couple layers of a regular turtleneck and sweater under my jacket and thermal wear under the pants.

How could I be so wrong?

Rays of sunshine, deceptively bright, barely succeeded in warming anything it touched once the wind chill factor cruelly laughed it away. It was not long before the cold, adept at finding any small opening, crept in and made itself at home. By the time we arrived at Levano, I was all too happy to take the collar wrap and make it into a makeshift, and therefore unattractive cap. Warmth was now more important than being fashionable.

My first view from the piazza...

...whatever breath the biting wind had left in me was now taken away looking toward Switzerland. One has to love living on or near Lago Maggiore.

Saw the round tower on the hill and knew I had to go look for it....

...but first we were going to take a little stroll along the waterfront. I love how something as mundane as the railing to the wharf would have such a lovely design. It adds twice the pleasure to hang over it. And steps with cobblestones....

I am always curious about where open doorways lead....so I am especially curious about an archway leading to a narrow, secluded alley.

...that happened to be hiding a little treasure around one corner...

...I had to resist the urge to sit on it, not knowing just how many curious eyes were peering out from shuttered windows, minding my business.

A little further along Magiore's waterfront, sat this intricately designed but commanding house, closed for the season. The doors however, will forever be inviting....

Further exploration had to wait until after we had filled our tummies with something,
and preferably piping hot. We settled for this restaurant, but after perhaps 5 minutes sitting in the covered (and heated) patio across from the entrance, we decided it was still too cold for comfort and headed inside.

where their artwork reminded me of american country....

...so innocent and different from the semi-nude photos from some wild party that took place some time ago. Um, no, I didn't take a picture of that wall.

The pizza was quite good, but the lasagna that I ordered was not that great...and I am not a fussy eater.

After lunch, I left the guys who were not eager for a walk, and went in search of the round topped church on the hill. It was with great pleasure that I found the path took me up a narrow, cobblestoned street. It was with great displeasure that I found I am really out of shape and was soon huffing up the little hill.

No, no, no, THIS part is flat, but it really goes uphill around the corner.

At the top, another world awaited me of old homes and peeling paint, brick and what I think is gothic design. I was in a little piece of heaven and glad I was alone -- it gave me a freedom to completely enjoy something others might think boring.

The reward from the top... almost par with the church steeple in Levano

Now that the sun was lower in the sky I knew I would be clenching teeth as well as fists in an attempt to generate some warmth. I was glad when M offered to lend me his cobalt blue fleece. I managed to squeeze the extra-large sized sweater under my hip-length jacket and stretched it to its full length. It reached mid thigh. My style was going downhill faster than the setting sun, but at last, I was warm and as a result, the ride back home was incredible.

It really goes without saying that when our base needs are met...food, warmth, love....it sets the foundation on which we can enjoy the people and things around us.

Note: Two days later, I bought a Bev sized fleece to wear under my jacket and two days after that, snow arrived.



  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I love the waterfront. I am half Italian and I've never been to Italy but reading your posts and seeing these photos sure make me want to go. Thanks so much for sharing and for commenting on my San Francisco blog.



  2. Glad you dropped by. You should do something for the italian half and visit. Do you have relatives who live here? Can't think of a better reason to come; see this country and build up your relationships at the same time.

  3. Thanks so much for the link to tangocherie!

    Your photos make me long for Italy! So beautiful!


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