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Dec 16, 2008

Bijouxmania, Laura De Galeazzi

Jewelry made with a Passion

It's comin' up to Christmas day but there is still time to buy and even mail gifts to someone special. Last year, a friend of mine sent me a package --no, an enormous box of little goodies she knew I liked just to make sure I didn't feel too homesick as I had just come to Italy. I can't express just how happy that made me feel. Thus my thought on mailing gifts...

So check out this website at for something beautiful to send to someone. The artist, Laura De Galeazzi, has an energy that bubbles over. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the light dances in her eyes when she talks of her creations. You will love her if not her pieces of art.

Here is a photo of one of Laura's pieces "Domiziana". With all that fine needlework and time that is necessary to produce something of this caliber and size, I think I would be batty. She instead smiles that much bigger. Look on her website at the "Seraphine" and tell me what you think.

Photo of Laura De Galeazzi's "Domiziana"

I know I always get excited when there is mail for me (not bills!) and even more eager to open a package. But to be honest, I think we are all happiest with what our friends and family give us, the gift of themselves. It's nice not being alone.


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