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Nov 30, 2008

Tango update...

I had high hopes for Borgosesia. I think I am spoiled from the cultural lifestyle in San Francisco and expected a different level of performance and well...a different performance entirely. But no, I think anyone going there with any hope of seeing Tango would have been disappointed too.

If I had wanted to see ballet, I would have chosen a ballet. The two, tango and ballet, do not mix at least not if you want to do justice to one or the other, or even to the music. Tango is a sensual and passionate dance, a couples dance....where each move seems to caress the floor, and legs convey their message as they wrap around, slide slowly up and down, flick here and tease there. The essence is in the embrace, the look, the movement of two bodies as one.

Where was all that as the dancers flew through the air and skipped lightly across the floor, barely touching one another. Yes, I was disappointed. Why advertise tango and then do something else?
An artist's liberty? Well, I know they are entitled, but I was still displeased and couldn't wait to leave. I found the dancers too thin, too pale...thought maybe they didn't eat enough...dwelt on silliness like "they are going to have to wash that nice white suit now that he has dragged himself around on the floor with it."

This is what happens when we have expectations and set minds. It's becomes harder to be flexible. I realize that if I didn't have set expectations I probably could have enjoyed the damn interpretation. ('scuse me). But we can't be expected to go about life without any desires or pre-conceived ideas about things and people!

Well, no or else we won't have standards and hopes. But we can learn how to be accepting of the way things are, tolerant of people, stepping outside of our minds to see what others are seeing and perhaps appreciating something for what it is and not what we want. This particularly applies to people...learning to appreciate people for who they are and not what we want them to be.

I failed miserably at all this on Friday night and missed an opportunity to just enjoy an evening at a dance. However, as long as I am alive, I am sure I will have ample opportunity to test my open mindedness and acceptance in the future.


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