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Nov 28, 2008

Tango show in Borgosesia; Tango lessons in Novara, Italy

Borgosesia and tango? I didn't think I would ever see the day. But tonight, at 9pm, there will be a performance at the ProLoco Theatre. I am going!!! I am still not sure what I am going to see because the poster was not very clear but I am assuming it is just a dance performance and not a milonga where I can get to dance too.

Nevertheless, I bought shoes to dance in yesterday.....JUST in case.

The poster shouted BOLERO and TANGO a combination of classical and latin. What will Robert North, the choreographer do with a mix like that? Will he showcase footwork that becomes more intricate and complicated, increasing in pace to match this incredibly beautiful piece of music by Ravel? And is this the American Robert North? I see an update will be forthcoming.

Italians love tango and some of the well known musicians of Argentine have italian ancestry. A european favorite and one of my own, is Libertango, composed in 1973 by Astor Piazzolla. It's another one of those pieces that stimulates a sense of urgency, conveys a promise of things to come, of restrained passion that finds blissful release with its abrupt final note.

Hopefully they will play it tonight as I was thrilled to note that dances will be performed to music composed by Piazzolla. Since I didn't notice a name of a band, I doubt there will be live music which is a pity. It is entertaining to listen to the particular sounds of the bandoneon as well as to watch it being played.

Novara is not that near to Borgosesia but 45 minutes is the closest I seem to be able to find milongas in this area. Since I will be in Novara more frequently, I might take classes...nice thought. The Accademia di Tango Argentino has lessons in Novara on Friday nights, although it seems they have a regular term that runs from June through September. Milongas are usually on the first Saturday of the month (in Novara). Classes are package priced but they offer free incentives to encourage participation in the different towns they teach to nurture the tango community as well as better a dancer's ability at a faster rate. Clever, I say.

I am not that great at dancing tango as I haven't danced in years but it is still another form of expression for me...not in the sense of saying something but a way of letting out the happy or the sad that is inside. I also found the same freedom of expression through music, playing the piano, but also from listening to music that spoke to the emotions that were inside. And I find it when I ride my motorbike.

I've noted that the things that we are passionate about are usually things we end up doing well. Piazzolla discovered at an early age what he loved to do and excelled at it. He was lucky.

I would like to hazard a guess that each of us has something that we are passionate about, whether we've discovered it yet or not. Something that brings us a joy that most other, or nothing else does. When you find the spark, fan it, make it grow, do what you need to feed that fire, even if it is "off the path" and I'll hazard a guess that life will be exceptionally fullfilling.

What is your fire?


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