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Nov 17, 2008

"I Love Your Blog" Award

Thanks to Ann from "My Life In Italy", I am a happy recipient of the "I Love Your Blog" Award. It's nice to know that someone else is taking an interest and following along with the ins and outs of life...and then tells you.

So I am easily persuaded to follow along with the trend of this award -- to link back to the person who awarded me and then to express my appreciation for seven (7) blogs I love.

Thus Ann... a great big "thank you!"

And to the following great blogs...."I love reading what you write."

One woman's idea of what it is like to be a motorcyclist.

Naturally I love this blog because it is about a woman rider and a fellow soul. I love her adventurous and "there are no obstacles" spirit. Her blog reminds me that neither culture, tradition, danger and sometimes not even weather can stop a person when he or she sets her heart on something.

Tina Tangos
A Tanguera between two lands

Another interest of mine. Tango. Tina has followed her dreams and now lives in Argentina where it's not hard to find a place to put on a pair of dancing shoes and while away the evening hours. I love the feel I get from reading about her life there.

Creative Structures

A potter and innkeeper working and living a splendid life in Piemonte.

I love Diana's blog. She is creative and expresses her talent in her pottery and in the way she decorates and runs her inn. I love the stories of her renovation as it strikes a cord with me. I too would love the challenge to renovate a SMALL property so I live vicariously through her stories.

Bleeding Espresso
An American finds love, her roots and a coffee addiction in southern Italy

She lives in Calabria....I love the south, the people, the food, the warmth. And I find all the things I love about the south in her blog.

Over a Tuscan Stove
From the market to the stove....Celebrating the seasons

You can't be in Italy and not get caught up in the food. I enjoy the recipes and the photos and the insights into another part of Italy that I would never really see on my own. The pleasures and the art of cooking....Italian style.

Windmill on the hill
Man of a thousand voices, talking perfectly loud, nobody ever hears him.

Just the name says it all - compelling me to read...and I found a very interesting read about life in the Pacific that I would otherwise have not read. Glad I found it.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Perhaps some will become your favorites too.



  1. Aw, thanks! So glad you commented so I was able to find your lovely blog...I'm *loving* this red :)

  2. Ciao bev! Your blog is so lovely, I should have gotten it onto my roll much sooner. You provide so much local information in a very thoughtful way.

    Thank you for coming and visiting me and loving my blog! :)


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