The arrival of winter ~ Romancing Italy

Nov 24, 2008

The arrival of winter

"When you change the way you look
at things, the things you look at change."

Wayne Dyer: Self-development author and speaker

Fall wasn't as cold as it should be. My hydrangea and wisteria are still in full leaf outside and it's late November. A year has flown by so fast! When I first arrived last October, the hills were becoming bare and there was a nip in the air. Leaves were turning red or beginning to rain down with every gentle breeze. There was no spring to mention, just one long winter. I spent my first whole summer in Italy in Calabria and came back north for the fall. A completed cycle. Then in one day, temperatures plummeted, fall passed on, and another winter is here.

Funny how the year is all a blur. Time really does fly.

Good thing just this past weekend we stocked up on the wood pile. I liked being bundled up with a nice warm fleece and gloves, lugging armfuls of chopped wood that fell one by one as A sliced the chainsaw into old posts.

I can see why children seem to have so much pleasure in little things. When an experience is new, it is exciting and they have so many new experiences! If only we had selective amnesia for some chores, it would always be like a first time experience. Or perhaps it is better to wish for the eyes that always find a fresh perspective in something old or mundane.

And now I realize another reason why I like the snow so much. I look outside at this view everyday and previous points of interest have sunk into different depths of oblivion. This morning it is again magical, a new look, a different feel, another perspective.

I guess I should be thankful too for the things that change in my life; they may make me beautiful, or humble, or stronger, perhaps tolerant, forgiving and loving...depending on how I deal with it. It's the change that keeps us growing, not always in directions we desire, but there is one thing for sure, there will always be something changing that will give us opportunity to become who we want to be.
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  1. Hello Bev,

    Lovely post!!

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  2. I liked this post very much, Bev, it's soft and sweet and speaks to me! And about viewing one thing, such as a view, with renewed and differing perspectives.

    I will have to cut back my hydrangea as soon as this almost meter of snow melts which fell today. It still had live leaves on it until the end of last week....

  3. Hi Bev, thanks for visiting my blog today! Nice to see you there. This is a great post. I'll read much more when I have time and a computer of my own. Where are you based?

  4. Diana,
    You might be waiting a while to cut those hydrangeas back. Your weather is vastly different than mine, so I don't know if you are enjoying another beautiful day, although cooooooold.

    I will visit again. It's always nice to mix with others going through similar experiences. Although having temperatures almost the same inside and out is not an experience I'd like to have. I live near Borgosesia in Valsesia, not that far away, but with enough curvy roads to be.


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