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Oct 10, 2008

SheRidesABeemer: You've Come a Long Way Baby

I ran across this website while surfing the net. A woman with the same desire to ride. And she takes her daughter along with her. Reading her post where she mentioned how everyone discouraged her from getting a bike, discouraged her from taking long trips, brought back memories of when I wanted to get my bike. People say "don't do it" in our best interest because they are afraid for us, they don't want us to get hurt. But I can't imagine a life that is safe but not fulfilled. Life is all about taking a risk, of pushing our limits and becoming the best we can be. It's enough that we are limited by our own fears and doubts. It gets twice as hard when others add to that and the obstacles grow even bigger. I am glad she didn't listen to her well-meaning friends. I am glad I followed my heart too. After all, we live with ourselves first and when we are happy with what we have inside, others can truly enjoy us.


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