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Oct 5, 2008

Open Air Market Borgosesia

This morning I looked eagerly out the window to see what the weather was like. Here in the north, especially this year, it's hard to count on good weather. The mountains being so close make the weather unpredictable and this year, the climate has been showing even more of it's "passionate" side. Rain, thunderstorms

Today it was clear and beautiful, with that nice bite in the air. I hopped on my motor and headed into town. Saturdays are market days in Borgosesia and I love checking it out. It's one of the few times I don't mind being in a crowd of people.

There are booths for just about everything. Of course, I love those with accessories -- purses, wallets, belts and other leather goods -- those with all kinds of shoes and now boots. Although I have 5 different pairs, I still think I need more. If you have inventory, anyone can sell goods and I see Chinese and Moroccans amongst the many italians. This makes it more diverse, in a sense.
The Chinese always have clothes...just clothes, no ornaments or food items...just clothes. The Moroccans display jewelry, watches, shades, wood ornaments...all kinds of lovely stuff. Most items are priced cheaply and that is what you get although they last a long time with care. I know as I have an extremely tight budget and have purchased many outfits here and they are still in good shape. Housewares are also easy to find here and I L O V E looking through these. Cushions and covers, drapes and gadgets for the house, blankets, sheets and tableclothes. Its a little paradise for me.

Then there's the food section -- a farmer's market -- with all kinds of vegetables and fruit, salami and typical foods from the area, CHEESES and the butchers. There is one van that sells their chopped meats along with a rotisserie. Every Saturday there is a crowd. Take a number and wait, and hope that some blasted person doesn't order 14 roasted chickens and deplete the supply in one swoop. This means waiting for the next batch OR ditching the idea for something else. I waited close to 45 minutes for one roasted chicken because someone did this today. I heard one person voicing what the rest of us were thinking.....make an order so they will come prepared and have chickens for the rest of us. Was it worth the wait? Yep.


  1. I love Italian markets! They are so colorful and so full of life!

    Best wishes,


  2. Always like to be there. Open market is my favorite place to shop around.

    Holiday With Mama


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