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Oct 27, 2008

Celtic New Year Festival Milano Italy

Milan hosted the Capodanno Celtico Festival this past weekend, October 24 - 26. Capodanno means New Year, this being the 9th edition or celebration of the Celtic New Year.

The camp was set up on the premises of the magnificent Castello Sforzesco, a tourist draw all on its own. What an absolutely beautiful backdrop for this festival!

Bagpipes were blaring over the loudspeakers for most of the day creating a lively and "another world" experience as I walked past booths of jewelry, handcrafts and garments. They were mostly designed with a history of Celtic art, history or mysticism in mind. The beautiful Celtic clothing on sale showcased many designs appropriate for wear at the next Celtic festival, or for a dress-up party. Unfortunately, a person wearing one of these articles in this day and age would stand out like a neon light in public.

Workshops were arranged to educate the public in the art of various Celtic handicraft; working with felt and looms. Demonstrations at the campsite were shown of various artists working with copper, iron, making knives/weapons, armor.

A simulation of war was also acted out in the afternoon and, at night spectators were wooed with strains of live Celtic music and dance.

The festival is dedicated to keeping the Celtic tradition and culture alive and to educate others on the origins of their culture.

I have to admit that there were so many young italians, young men and women who wore their hair in the style of the time, that I think they are succeeding in keeping at least the style alive.

This also was an opportunity to wear Celtic garb and actively be a part. My friend wore her tartan skirt and I wore a plaid vest...not exactly in the Celtic style, but that was my contribution to the atmosphere.

Some people looked really good....

And some, well....didn't....

But hey, it's all in the spirit of the festival!!

What I love about these festivals is that there are so many local artists....so many people who either contribute or partake of a lost art or tradition and this is an avenue to exhibit and show-off their talent and wares.

I love copper and bought a copper bracelet to go with my copper ring. I didn't stop there and purchased a pounded silver ring...all hand-made, the artisan many times sitting in plain view, working away at his or her skill.

Coming soon - Castello Sforzesco.


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