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Oct 1, 2008

Book of the month...or two

It's already October and I haven't settled into the swing of things after the August holiday. I think my already bad eyes, are getting even worse for all the online reading I am doing. And it is that thought which made me think of the book I ordered. I like to feel a book in my hands and smell its pages. I like the different textures of the pages and of course, it's even better if I like the content itself. So I don't mind the two month wait I will have for it to arrive from the US.

This is again about my beloved Sicily. And about my interest in World War 2. Beautiful Italy was an eye witness to the ravages of the second world war and in almost every part, there are reminders of this period; memorials erected in honor of those who fought, or as in the mountains, the iron ladders erected to facilitate the passage of troops.

An interesting clip I ran across recently, that perks my interest even more:

So it is only natural that I will want to read about two of my favorite things and the impact of one on the other. Maybe on some level I am connected because the invasion occurred on July 9, the day I was born. Bah!!! I don't think so. Nevertheless, having stood on the very shores where multitudes of soldiers must have once fought, I am sure I will have a better picture of the events when I actually do read about it.

I just can't wait!


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