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Sep 11, 2008

A Voice from the Past, Lucio Battisti

It was September 9, 1998 when the voice of Lucio Battisti was stilled forever. But no, as "Mogul" wrote in his tribute to Battisti, it is only a physical death because Battisti will live in the hearts of Italians for a long, long time.

Tonight, September 10, Italians are paying tribute to this singer-songwriter who made an enormous impact in the 60's and 70's and I decide to put in his CD and listen to the music that created this following. It's not a beautiful voice, but a haunting one that cracks every now and then, with emotion. These are words of love and about love, words from HIS heart, messages to people known and unknown. They become our words, our messages to our lovers. And then it's about lost love and I can feel it as Italy once again acknowledges its loss of a loved one. Battisti.

He was a quiet man who loved to sing; not just sing words, but sing his heart and it showed. It is no surprise that I learn that in his later years as a performer, he chose to not give interviews, only gave 5 live performances and limited his interactions with even his co-writer to correspondence. He said "an artist must communicate with the public only through his work" and in '82, he spoke no more.

It's no wonder the emotion he had inside expressed itself so powerfully in his music and his voice.

Antonio came home late from work and was met at the door with the strains of "Il nostro caro angelo" ...Our dear angel. He gave a sigh of contentment commenting "Ah Lucio Battisti, what a beautiful song...che bella. I explained how I came to be listening to Lucio, how I loved the music but not the rendition of the artists paying tribute on TV. He responded "There is no one who can sing like Lucio."

A clip from one of my favorites:



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