Veline and Striscia la Noticia ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 20, 2008

Veline and Striscia la Noticia

Striscia la Noticia

It doesn't really matter what it means. It's a show that makes fun of the news or other items of interest mostly in Italy. Something like Saturday Night Live. Just check out those crowns though. I'd be proud too.

All joking aside... well, I can't stop making fun of this whole show because it is what all women's movements despise. It seems to be just AOK in Italy though.

At the start of the show there are two tall, scantily clad and obviously sexy young things who come on stage and dance. Well, they don't have to be professional dancers, but then you don't have to be professionally trained to dance like a stripper. Before you all get excited and want to check out the show to see for yourself..... they dance for all of 30 seconds. And to find these two talented girls, there is a "talent" show called Veline where girls from ALL over Italy audition for the part. One dark haired and one blond. Red heads are out...but then again, when was the last time you saw a red head italian chick.

Okay, so every week, 8 girls line up on stage to make an utter fool of themselves... remember... just to get to wear that crown at the end of the show. What do they have to do? Anything, even if they can't. Like...sing. So since this is all about being beautiful and eating up airtime, the producers have the contestants do all sorts of stupid things but cleverly if not subtly designed to get them wet, or in a position where the camera can get a really good view of a pretty little butt. Or perhaps hoola hoop or falling into a tub of soapy water. Contestants usually come prepared, in the shortest skirts or shorty shorts, with high pumps, because they know it's all about how talented they are.

Needless to say, because the role in Striscia is all about dancing, after they do all these silly gimmicks, they have an alloted time, what was it...3o seconds? show how well they can boogie. And it's more jiggling boobs, more twirling to get that already short skirt even shorter, flinging of their long hair to the left and to the right while their hips go the other way. It's quite a sight...and it's only the poor, poor married men with jealous wives who had to forfeit watching the spectacle.

I know I sound like this is all a horrible thing to do to smart young girls who were going to college, but the Veline position is a coveted position. One contestant wept from the stress of waiting for the announcement if she and her blond partner made it to the final. She did, and had to bear the strain of waiting again to see if they were the winners. They weren't. The two lucky ladies that won the title of Veline are celebrating their success and they will begin their gruelling work on Monday.



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