Only the beginning.... ~ Romancing Italy

Aug 29, 2006

Only the beginning....

It started yeeeeears ago when I saw "The Godfather". I know, I are thinking I saw a romanticized version of Italy. Well I had to see it for myself and for three years I planned and planned. Money. that was the problem for me because I wanted to spend three blissful months traveling and that requires mula.

I'll spare you and myself the details of the savings but finally, in August 2006 I found myself on a flight to Europe eager to begin my adventure.

For many, it is easier to just take a direct flight to Milan or Rome and be done with it. I have the mentality that once the day arrives for my flight, I am on vacation and everything along the way is part of the experience. So I chose to do the cheap version but time consuming itinerario. I flew to London where I found the cheapest fare with the intention of catching a hop-over flight. On this particular occasion was arriving late at night and flying out early the next morning. There are many buses or shuttles that will take you to your hotel, some cost a small fee but others are complimentary. However, at the London airport is an avant garde hotel that rents cabins on the hour (NO, if you have a dirty mind like me, that is not what I meant) for travellers who only need a place to crash between flights. I found it to be extrememly comfortable with soft beds with comforters, bathroom, TV with internet capability, internet connections, radio, wake up service....exactly like a hotel except for a couple of things. Space and a view. But hey, if you are only going to sleep that isn't really that relevant. It's a compact cube but it has everything you need or could want.

What is it's name again?....Yotel. Don't laugh. It's a good deal (if you aren't exchanging a weak American dollar) and you will sleep well. Check it out.


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