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Oct 11, 2006

Not a Gubbio girl

Today my new friend was going to play ping-pong with me and take me on a tour of Gubbio.

How long has it been since I’ve played? I’d like to blame it on my lack of practice but I know he’d have beaten me anyway. We bet pizza and beer and it fell to me to pick up the tab. I did manage to eek out one win….a salve for my many losses.

I learned he had a passionate involvement with a beautiful Italian red Ducati 916 and on our way into Gubbio, made one stop along the way to drop off the tires for his bike at the garage. This is where I learned that I don’t look like a Gubbio girl….and that I look like I’m in my 20’s. I think I like this town a lot.

Gubbio is lovely and of course, having someone give me some background and history made it all the more interesting. At a museum, he lied and told them that I was his girlfriend, so they allowed me in for free (Gubbioites don’t have to pay for a ticket). I was relieved to see that here, there were paintings with a different theme. At the Uffizi, I saw what seemed like a hundred Madonna and Child, The Annunciation, The Crucifixion. Not that they weren’t wonderful, but there were so many, and often right next to each other. There’s only so many that one can take. So seeing paintings of the resurrection or with the disciples was refreshing. Another point for Gubbio.

It was early, so we visited my friend's father to see his collection of paintings. I saw some beautiful 16th to 17th century paintings…and got a tour complete with history and meaning. The room was filled with such interesting furniture that I wondered if they EVER used it. I wouldn’t if it were mine just because they were so precious.

After dinner we took a quick drive to the monastery at the top of the hill to see the city lights. And let me say, it was quick…. His car took the corners like it was a freeway. And quick, because I was cold when we got there.

After a month of exploring alone, it was really nice to have company and someone to tell me exactly where things were without spending the time and being frustrated trying finding them.

There is a legend that going around the fountain will bring madness; so I went around the allotted three times….nothing like living dangerously. Once I was baptized with the fountain water……I was one of Gubbio’s crazy people.

The thing about towns like these is that there are still artisans. I had to take a photo of the men forging pieces for a piece of furniture….at least I think that is what it was. Nothing industrial…really hand made. Too bad I can’t bring any of it home….and then again…to what home right now?


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