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Aug 19, 2008

Serra San Bruno Italy

Outside the Priory

After suffering in 33 degree C heat for days on end, we hopped on A's motorbike and literally headed for the hills. Serra San Bruno is another quaint village in southern Italy, but different than the seaside towns. The temperature dropped and the vegetation changed as we rode higher and higher. Ferns!! Pines!!! and a cool breeze. The town is in the middle of mushoom-land and everywhere there are different types of mushrooms for sale. Not surprisingly, in almost every course for lunch...there were....yes...mushrooms.

We had stopped for a delicious meal at an agriturismo just out of town and after stuffing ourselves we headed back to check out the huge church at the other end of town. Turns out it is The Priory, and no women are allowed. I took photos only from the front entrance.

It has become quite a tourist attraction with areas set up for the sale of local ceramics and mushrooms in different forms. There are buggy rides and horse rides. Naturally, A pointed out the little one and teasingly said it was the perfect size for me. Naturally, I disagree.

A little further down the road from the Priory is St. Mary's Church and we decided to stop for a drink. Surprisingly, we saw police heading in and were told that some other bikers had ridden by but didn't stop to pay at the booth. I have no idea how they could have passed the two women sitting by the gate without realizing they were supposed to stop. We were told to park nearby and walk in as the sanctuary needed to be in quiet. There was also a procession coming to St. Mary's (another of the many religious events...this one for the town only) and the roar of a bike, or even a car just wasn't acceptable.

We walked to the center and beheld at least 8 sport bikes parked next to the medieval "fountain of miracles" where people go to be blessed. I hoped each one got a fat ticket.

There were two large buildings on the was the church itself and there was a service in progress. The other was the tomb for the local Saint Bruno from who knows how many centuries ago. It is such a lovely peaceful place.

Until the roar of 8 bikes started up and raced off.

A has stories for each place he takes me. This one was of a wedding for 500 that took place at this church. That made quite an impression I am sure. There were many wealthy and important personalities that were invited to witness the union. Then there were caterers who came to feed the 500 the delicacies of the south. Fish and mushrooms and of course meat. Since they are so close to the sea there were all kinds of fish served...including one that made A and others very, very sick. That made quite an impression I am sure.

Naturally, I thought that story very funny.

We didn't have time to visit other churches in the area but here is a link to some lovely examples in their area.


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