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Dec 2, 2007

About the likes of Me

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Bohemian at heart, I’ve moved from my birthplace, Trinidad to California and now to Italy. Wild places draw me and many summers would find me putting in the miles at Desolation Wilderness. When not bearing the weight of my pack, I settle for a nice campsite close to a lake or river, better if it’s not a place already discovered. I prefer being in the mountains, where their magnificence and majesty puts life into a completely different perspective. When I don’t have to wear sensible shoes, my choice is a slinky stiletto, 3 inches is fine. I have a weakness for shoes….and handbags….and belts, but can do without jewelry. But don’t think I will go without the bling, I just can say no to them easier than to a beautiful pair of shoes. These days I yearn for a good night out where I can Argentine tango. I am nowhere near good; I just love the movement, the music and the sensuality of it all. It touches another part of my soul. It seems wrong that I should be living in Italy…I don’t give a damn about food. But I am learning to appreciate it and take the time to enjoy it. It’s really about spending the time with people you care about.

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  1. Lovely ! it is so beatiful and truly outstanding, heart-touching and i think you too, because a beautiful mind only can see beauty in a different way.!


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