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Sep 17, 2006



Monday: I had more errands to run that I could imagine on a holiday. I made sure I had an appointment for the spa on Saturday afternoon. It would be a good way to rejuvenate after running around during the week. All estheticians are closed – all over Italy – on a Monday. So there was no way I could make that appointment. So, off to Pisa I go for the afternoon as it is very close.

When I read the story behind the leaning tower, my first thought was that the architect or engineer responsible for it must not have been a Christian. After all, we are instructed to wisely build on solid ground. Someone did not do his homework and the structure was built on sandy soil. This did NOT stop building over the years – higher and higher, 8 stories up, with the lean getting worse at each attempt to rectify, until modern times.

The whole area is a compilation of majestic buildings, most of which were closed…surprise, surprise. The baptistery was open, but I wasn’t interested. Half the people with strollers were heading in there.

The cathedral was beautiful and had its rightful commanding presence. I can’t figure why everything was so huge though. The doorway itself could fit a giant’s giant. In a country where the people are crammed up next to each other, that is a lot of valuable space holding nothing but grandeur. I must be missing the point.

I thought “I have to get myself in ONE of these photos”, so I set up the camera on the little lion detail and proceeded to nonchalantly walk out in front of the cathedral. Um, not enough light. I tried twice in other areas, but the photo didn’t take. Did I ask anyone – oh nooooooooo; couldn’t get my lips to utter a sound. But finally, I had to break down and ask…it turns out I see I got a photo of the guy I asked. Photo #14 has one fella in a burgundy shirt facing the other way from everyone. He didn’t look busy so I asked him. He says “Are you going to hold up the tower?” Of course that would have been fun-loving, light-hearted kinda thing to do, so naturally I said “no”, and went back to being the extraordinarily dull person I been over the past few months.

There’s still time to snap out of it….


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