Montepulciano ~ Romancing Italy

Nov 26, 2006


Shameless...Andrea is part of the reason Anne and I enjoyed staying at La Casetta in Montepulciano. His mom, Pina, is a gem, a wonderful hospitable woman with a flair for decor and the ability to make one feel like royalty. She made the apartment feel like a home away from home and came by every so often to bring us something she had made that day....biscotti, pasta, jam, wine, olive oil....the lady is amazing. And she is warm and welcoming, a language that is understood worldwide. Pina, does not speak any english, but she got her message across; we were to have a relaxing and pampered vacation.

Their webpage is all in Italian, but you get the idea from their photos how lovely and welcoming it is. Andrea will be the person to call if you want to make a reservation as he speaks english. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

To get an idea of what it is like to have an olive orchard, I helped Pina and her brother in law, Moreno, pick olives. Pina took me to her brother's
house (also lives in the area) where he makes the olive oil. Fascinating thing...making olive oil. The hardest part for small owners, is the picking of the olives...the rest is all machine. I think I need to go back there about the time they are picking grapes. By the way, fresh olives taste really good too.

You have to notice Pina's home. I loved every nook and cranny...I wonder if she can adopt me. I want another house to make look as beautiful as she made would be better yet, if the house were here also, eh? Oh, and for someone who isn't too fond of cooking...I now know how to make pasta from scratch. I don't know if I will ever put that knowledge into practice again....
Needless to say...sad to leave this wonderful place.



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