Anne and Francesco ~ Romancing Italy

Nov 3, 2006

Anne and Francesco

“You have to believe….” Francesco to Anne

Today we left the mainland and headed over to Sicilia via the ferry. No bridge yet. We left from San Giovanni and set foot upon Sicilian ground at Messina. A couple hours later, we were in Cefalu, looking for food and for a place to stay. We stopped at a real estate agent’s office and asked about apartments. There were several in the center and a villa on the outskirts. Neither Anne nor I are excited about city life so we chose to see what the villa was like.

The gates opened and we drove the gravel path, through slightly overgrown olive orchards and orange trees. We stepped onto red brick terrace that housed a huge wooden table and chairs that was even more inviting with the warm wind that rustled the leaves.
The kitchen was bright and modern and a much needed laundry was next to it. There were four bedrooms and two baths and two of the bedrooms upstairs opened onto a large open terrace with a view of the ocean in the near distance.

Anne had charmed everything but the pants off the agent who showed us the villa.

Francesco is a tall, sun-kissed full fledged Sicilian; his family has lived in Sicily for generations. He arrived on his silver and black Yamaha scooter and we had followed him to the villa to see if it would suit our purposes. It was funny watching him drive his scooter, pull out the cell phone, call someone and then, while holding the phone with his left hand, start making those famous Italian gestures, with his right!

Francesco has something for fair skinned, light eyed beauties having dated a Swede and now a German babe. So it is no surprise that he was taken with Anne.

If he asked a question, he asked Anne; when he handed the key over, he gave it to Anne; when he talked about his country, he looked at Anne. And when he left he gave Anne the instructions on how to get the gate closed behind him again.

In the shallow patio light, we watched him get put his helmet on as he prepared to leave. If he thought I couldn’t see him, he was wrong…As he swung the bike around, I watched him give a long look at Anne who was trying to figure out the remote to the gate. Then he caught me watching him and went back to being the Francesco who was making sure we were comfortable. He stopped next to Anne, who was poking every button that could be pushed. Still nothing. Francesco reached over as he took it from her hands and said in his wonderful Italian-tinged English as he teased her, “You know, you must believe…for it to open.”

I have no doubt it is because of his fascination with Anne that he villa was rented to us so cheaply… Euro 60/night. We could not believe our luck to run across this gem like this.



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