Vesuvius ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 20, 2006


We awoke to another amazingly beautiful day. There is a bit of a chill in the air now, but the sky was blue and the sun felt wonderfully warm on our skin.

We decided to see Vesuvius today and took off at a leisurely pace. Anne was amused by the Italian drivers and there were many to entertain her.

Somehow, we ended up on a town called Torre di Annunziata…a town we hope to never see again. It gave Anne a good idea of what non-touristy life is like. I already had my introduction by driving around the outskirts of Naples. Dirty, filthy streets with bags of garbage piled high; some spilling open to show their rotting contents. I couldn’t believe I had left such wonderful, clean country to come to this.

Lunch time caught us in town. We found a wine bar that was serving lunch and ordered some Panini. They served different types of cheese and some mushrooms and salami that they had preserved in house. The mushrooms and cheeses were delicious and we walked out of there with cheese sprinkled with truffles and the honey to pour on top of it. Who would have thought that combo would be so delicious!

On the road again, we made one more circle to nowhere before resorting to the autostrada and finally found our way. If you know me, you’d know that any winding road is heaven for me. And this was heaven. At the parking lot, the adorable Italian attendant immediately took a liking to Anne and showered her with compliments. Just to show he meant it, he paid her equal attention when we got back from our walk to the crater.

I thought the volcano was extinct….Wrong….just sitting there waiting. 1944 was the last great eruption and they are sure it is just a matter of time before it spouts again. From the top, we could get a glimpse of Pompeii, a trip for another day, and a perfect view of the dark brown haze that is covering the city. Well, brown is supposedly the fashion color for next season……



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