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Oct 11, 2006

Medici Villa - Poggia di Caiona

I decided to stay one night closer to Florence since I had a 10:15 appointment and I KNEW I’d never make it from Bagni di Lucca. Along the way was the Poggia di Caiona Medici Villa. I have heard about the Medici and their wealth and influence so it made sense to see firsthand what life was like for them.

The grounds didn’t give any idea of what it was like inside. The grey staircase leading to the upper story was unkempt and they looked old and grey and dilapidated. Nevertheless, the sculptures that were sitting just beyond them were an introduction to the masterpieces and beauty that were within. I don’t think the photos give it true credit.

I was fortunate to arrive just as a guide was beginning a tour to an Englishwoman – who spoke Italian. The tour was in Italian, but he spoke slowly so I could have a better chance of understanding. It was more interesting than if I walked though on my own. I learned about the love lives of the good, bad and the ugly – enough for me to want to learn more, so I picked up a book on the Medici and their rise and fall.

I think the guide took a liking to us, removing the barriers and letting us take photos on the furniture. Sometimes it really pays to be a girl.

At the end of the tour, Moremo, our guide, suggested that we have a coffee together. He told us of a bakery on the street that prepared a delicious Tuscan specialty, like no other. By the time we got there we thought it would be larger than life. Imagine our amusement when we found ourselves staring at a doughnut!


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