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Oct 18, 2006

Italian Leather!!!! Yeah!

FINALLY! I’ve bought a pair thanks to the fellow above. I laughed so much when I tried on the pair I am not sure it was because the pants fit well, or because I liked him. Or maybe both; I don’t think I would have parted with that much money if it didn’t fit well.
He explained the characteristics of leather and how it conforms to ones form. I thought “of course he would tell me that it fit well, for a sale” but I think the week of walking in the Dolomites and the constant walking everywhere has trimmed things up a bit.

Nevertheless, as I am standing with my back to the mirror, craning my neck around trying to see my behind, I said , “the only thing is, I don’t have a butt.” I swiveled around to look at him only to see his retreating back, his head in his hands, muttering, “women, women! They are never pleased.”

I asked him about the color and his answer was this…"black is good for the discotheque but brown is the color for the next season". So the pants is brown instead of black. Then he told me that I need to wear a short top with it AND that I should not get it hemmed. I will then limit it to a certain pair of shoes. Instead, adjust and hold with double stick tape and that way I will be able to wear it with a number of different pairs.

This was the best fun I’ve had spending money. Now I have to find a reason to wear it here.


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