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Oct 19, 2006

Italian Drivers!

The first rule of thumb: there are no rules!!!

I’ve decided that Italians are really a step above other countries when it comes to driving. They have learned the art of sharing, tolerance and acceptance:

- They share their respective lanes with other cars, scooters, bikes, pedestrians
- They are not territorial and hog space, they will willingly drive on the curb to allow a fellow driver to pass, in their lane and then pull back on to putt along happily.
- Drivers that impatiently bounce back and forth almost on your back bumper are not upset at your pace; just eager to be on their way, probably happy to get to work. This is shown by their peeling off at the first opportunity they get to go around you.
- Lanes on blind corners, of which there are many, are shared by oncoming traffic….no one seems to mind. Italians take corners wide so they don’t have to turn the steering wheel as much.
- Lanes of traffic are happy to share their lane with scooters going in the opposite direction.
- There is an unspoken code of courtesy at round-a-bouts and intersections….one car pokes its nose far enough into oncoming traffic…naturally, other cars stop to let them through.
- Cars overtake on double lines, turn lanes, marked barriers…no one minds at all
- Close one lane of a three lane road; all three lanes just squeeze together, nice and close and cozy, instead of merging into two lanes. This is “sharing” at its max!

With this exhibition of camaraderie and sharing, why do we think Italian drivers are crazy fanatics on wheels.


  1. Bev, I take it you've driven here? I have been driving here for six years (yes my car is an automatic btw) and there are days that the traffic drives me crazy. I have yet to drive in Milan and I refuse to.

  2. Yes I love driving in Italy but I have the same sentiment...avoid driving in big cities...Milan, Rome, way!


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