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Oct 11, 2006

Gubbio, the villa

I love this place. This is the first apartment where I wanted to get up early and go for a walk. The best part is that there are no curious and nosey old women nearby to check out what I am doing…when I come in or go out.

My apartment is at the back of the building; perfect for me as I want to leave that beautiful door open as much as possible. The door opens to a large green area with a passiagiata just a stones throw away. I’m glad the weather is still good and warm during the day.

There was an early morning mist when I walked, that made the countryside look dreamy and mystical. I could live in a place like this forever. If anyone has seen anything like this in the States, let me know – I want to add to their population.

The apartment is wonderful…a converted monastery. That pleases me as I love monasteries as Mary knows. She won’t forget the trip down some foggy road with robed figures that seemed to glide in the fog. And then having to sit in some musty room to chant and stand up and sit down, stand and sit, stand and sit. Maybe that’s really why she didn’t come along this time to visit me…Anyway, I digress. The apartment has been done with lovely tile on the floor and bathroom. Clean, bright and attractive, with little details that make me happy.

The only thing is that those tiles, lovely as they are, have been lethal. An entire bottle of apricot juice lost its life and spread its glittering and splintered body, along with its yellow blood on the ochre floor. Half the paper towels disappeared in a few minutes.

The next victim was the beautiful glass door that separated the kitchen from the bedroom. One windy day, I left open the window at one end, and the door at the other. Before I could say Jack Sprat, the kitchen door slammed shut and the sickening sound of breaking glass echoed toward me.

So, it’s not surprising then, that I was asked at one point to not leave any lights on...nice old building and all….


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